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Welcome to COPD Support Chat. We hope that you enjoy your chatting experience. The policies for behavior in the chatroom are basically the same as for all COPD Support programs.  Click here to review the policies.

New guests: to join in chatting, go to Logging In.

Because of the popularity of chats, the number of visitors to the chatroom fluctuates. In order to keep the chatroom a pleasant and enjoyable experience where you can relax, make new friends, while being helpful to new visitors, please keep in mind the following points.
  1. Newcomers to chat should always be given priority. The host should take the lead in welcoming them promptly. Try to make them feel comfortable and settled in the chatroom. You will want to check if they have questions and try to answer them. If their questions are very complicated or technical, suggest they present them to the COPD-Support e-mail list. Always give the newcomer the COPD-Support website address. and encourage them to subscribe, pointing out the advantages of education about COPD. Advise newcomers that we are not medical professionals.
  2. Try not to monopolize the screen with too much chat. Give others a chance to express themselves. Just as in other programs of COPD Support, in chat we avoid the topics of religion, sex, race and politics. No flaming or vicious gossip is allowed. The repeated use of caps (shouting) is offensive in most chat rooms and will not be tolerated. Offenders may be banned from the Chat Room.
  3. You can have lots of fun in chat, but please remember that the primary purpose is to help those in need. If someone comes in with questions, or needing reassurance or comforting, please give them your immediate attention. This applies to persons with COPD along with caregivers to persons with COPD.
  4. Remember that we are not medical professionals. You should consult your medical team for your personal medical needs.
A little common sense and common courtesy will go a long way toward helping make the Chatrooms enjoyable for all.

Email Chat Room Management to ask questions, volunteer to host, register a complaint, or recommend subjects which would be of benefit to the group.


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Chatroom Protocols

Chat Types

Unless stated otherwise, all chats are an Open Chat - which is neither subject limited nor controlled by special protocols.

A Topic Chat is where a subject, the topic, has been pre-selected for the chat session.

A Focused Chat is where a relevant subject is raised during the chat session.

Both the Topic and Focused Chats are controlled by special protocols - hosts apply special rules to insure the subject is addressed without disruption.

1. Special Protocols for Topic & Focused Chats.

The following special protocols may be called upon by the Host during Topic or Focused chat sessions. They establish measures so that the host can provide the maximum amount of information and answer the most questions during the time allotted. A non hosted free chat session will be held immediately after the close of any subject session for those who may want to visit with their neighbors. This protocol is similar to others used in online classrooms. Essentially, during subject oriented chat, the host has the floor at all times and no one is allowed to speak unless called on. There are no greetings to late arrivals nor are private messages to the entire group allowed. There is a system for indicating your desire to talk.

This is the way the protocol works:
The Host will advise when protocol rules are in effect and when they are lifted. During protocol, you must be recognized by the host to speak.

?   If you want to ask a question, type a question mark and send to the group.
??  If you want to make a follow-up question on the answer being given, type a double question mark and send to the group. (The host may not acknowledge your question at this time if they need to move on).
!   If you want to make a comment, type an exclamation point and send to the group.
    After being recognized, you may ask your question or comment to all participants and after that is answered, you may ask one more question or make one more comment regarding the original question. If you have an unrelated question or comment, you must wait until it is your turn again.
//  After you have directed your question or comment to the group, send a double slash to let everyone know that you are through.

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Logging In

Technology Stuff
  in case of Login problem

Our chat room has implemented new technology based on Flash (versus Java). Windows, MAC and Linux use FLASH from Adobe (Adobe Flash Player).

If you have an Android device and want FLASH: (Download Android Flash Player)(How to install Flash on Android

Flash is not on the Google Play site. There is no flash for IOS/iPAD.

Chat Login Screen

1. When you click to log into the Chatroom, you will see the Chat Login screen.

2. You will see a white box next to the words DISPLAY NAME.

3. Left click within the white box and type in your name, followed by a hyphen/minus sign, then your home State/Country/Province (Jane-TX). Doing so lets other chatters know where you're from and it gives a basis to open conversations.

4. Leave blank the PASSWORD space (needed only by Chatroom Hosts).

5. Leave checked the white square next to LOGIN AS GUEST.

6. Ignore the white square next to REMEMBER ME.

7. Left click on the LOGIN button.


To Login: click here

IOS and Android Users: To Login: Click here


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