More than half of all adult smokers have quit, and you can, too.

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  • COPD-Support - the SmokeNoMore Program

    The SmokeNoMore Program was developed to provide the support network for those individuals who wish to stop smoking and prefer to receive their support from friends on the computer rather than (or in addition to) formal face-to-face gatherings.

    Because of the limited number of spaces for smokers in the program, we may from time to time, have to limit participation to those who have COPD or are caregivers for an individual who has COPD. When all spaces are filled, a waiting list will be established as we must keep the teams small to remain manageable. The role of the SmokeNoMore Program is to provide a daily contact with these individuals, broken down into small teams, and to offer support, encouragement, and information on how to access other resources.

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  • About Us

    If you subscribe, you are promising a sincere resolve to quit smoking, and you are agreeing to maintain daily email contact. Any team member who does not maintain daily contact by email will be dropped from the program.

    As soon as possible, you will be assigned to your team and the next thing you see should be either a welcome letter from your leader or a note from Management informing you that there is no space available at this time.

    You will remain in the program for a period of 90 days after which you will graduate to the next level which is less structured and only requires weekly contact with others in their group.

    You can remain in the maintenance group as long as you would like.

    If you can not quit smoking during the initial 90 days you will also move on to the next level.

    You may not retake the program for a period of 6 months after moving into the higher level of the program.

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    What we are

    Anyone who has even a hint of being afflicted with COPD understands that they need to stop smoking since it is the single most important thing that an individual can do to slow down the progressive nature of COPD. It is important that we recognize that most individuals will not quit smoking until such time as they are ready to do so. If they agree to enter into the SmokeNoMore Program, it is assumed that they have the resolve to quit and will abide by the basic requirements of sharing information with others in the team and maintaining a daily contact through e-mail. It is probably safe to say that individuals that wish to participate in the SmokeNoMore Program are sick to death of hearing about the dangers of smoking so that will not be a topic of discussion.

    Smokers may use any method of quitting that they choose and they will be able to obtain support from others through the SmokeNoMore Program. This support is in the form of several smokers who are also attempting to quit, and a team leader who has been smoke free for a relatively short period of time. Additional support will be provided by a Program Coordinator, Web Master, Researcher, Administrator, and Chatroom Coordinator.

    Individuals will be assigned to a team and are expected to write a message a day to everyone else in the team (one message--multiple addresses). While the subject of smoking and quitting smoking should be the basic theme of the message, most any subject is okay. The concept calls for constant communication and if team members want to talk about their dog, that is okay too. Because discussions on politics, religion and controversial subjects are difficult in a group environment, we do avoid those subjects.

    What we are NOT

    The program is not run by professional medical personnel and is not to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice for quitting smoking.

    It is not a program of blame or censor; we do not make a grand production concerning the evils of smoking; nor do we degrade individuals because of their smoking habits.

    Our team leaders are very knowledgeable and outstanding communicators but will be of little value if you are not willing to commit and maintain the daily email contact expected. For that reason, any team member who does not maintain daily contact by email will be dropped from the program.

  • Before you sign up...

    You should begin now to start thinking how you want to quit and get prepared for a quit date which you will select. You will have a maximum of 90 days in this program. If you have not yet established a quit date, it will be necessary that you establish a quit date within the time frame of two to four weeks after joining the team.

    This time frame is designed to give your team leader a chance to know you a little better and expose you to some of the things that help ensure success in your quest to be a non-smoker. Remember that the quit date is the date that you give up the cigarettes completely, not just cut down.

    We would like for you to take at least two weeks to select a quit date. During that two weeks you need to prepare yourself by doing the things that your team leader will suggest, such as see your doctor to obtain prescriptions for medications if you intend to use them, make an individual check list of things to do just prior to the quit date, make a check list of things to do the day before your quit date, and identify your primary triggers and alternative behaviors to counteract them.

  • Tips

    Here are some substitutions other folks have found helpful. Stock up on any items you think might work for you; and have a plan to keep your hands busy ...

  • Apples Favorite Photos Pebbles
    Beads Flavored Toothpicks Pencils
    Breath mints Ice Chips Pens
    Carrot Sticks Inspirational Verses Playing Cards
    Catalogs Knitting Rubber bands
    Chapstick Magnets Sketch pad
    Chewing Gum Markers Stamp Collecting
    Cinnamon Sticks Movies Straws
    Cloves Needlecraft String
    Club Soda Newpapers Sugar-free Hard Candy
    Crocheting Orange Juice Walking
    Crossword Puzzles Paper Clips Whittling
    Dill Pickles Paperback Books Water