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  Watch List

  • If you subscribe to the COPD-Support Email List and live alone, you may wish to join our Watch List. Watch List participants are checked on daily to ensure their well-being.

    You provide information about how you can be contacted, and the name and telephone of a neighbor or relative who also could also be contacted in case of need.

    The information you provide will be maintained in a database by Management and not released to anyone unless necessary to determine your well-being.

    In the event that someone fails to check in, phone calls are made to try to determine where you are and if assistance is needed. The system does work and we have found it necessary to use it several times.

    This program must be in addition to your support structure and is not intended to be the primary means for handling emergencies.

    You will worry less when other folks who understand have you in mind.

    click here to subscribe to the Watch List

    • What the Watch List is NOT...

    • The Watch Program is in addition to your support structure, and is not intended to be the primary means for handling emergencies.

    • The Watch Program is not intended primarily as a "chat group". In order to remain in the group you must maintain daily contact (or provide advance information that you will not be available).